The sanskrit word Kula refers to a community of the heart, where a group comes together of its own free will to intentionally support the union between power and consciousness.  The union supports each individual in love and lifts up the idea of oneness.  Learning becomes the internal bond between the space and those that occupy it, the love synergy  keeps such a woven lock of support and confidence.  To be a part of a space like this is simply amazing.  It may happen in your neighborhood, communities from coast to coast, but the one common bond, even in the differences that each space may share, is that it is protected and sacred.  This space becomes an opportunity to share your vulnerabilities, your fears, your desires without  needing to have reinforcements from your ego.   It is just trusted that the energy of the space will support this journey for you to soften your ego and reunite with your truth in spirit.

I am so blessed to have found sound such a special home in the Yoga Effect.  It is a space that has much love, many ideas, and words spoken just through a glance.  It is an external space that warms the transition to your internal ideals for healing and love.  It was started just a short time ago, by a young woman (Anna O) who was this vision.   This vision now just continues to evolve in the direction that it needs to in order to support the community.

Sitting here in Boston, I meditate upon the energy of teaching classes and the joy of students as we all come together to learn from one another.  Teacher/ Student is the title, the learning has no boundaries.  As I continue to heal I am beginning to broaden  and identify other “Kulas” that exist for me in life.

My family Kula is one that goes beyond words.  Coming from a very large family, it is amazing to think of all the blessings that each memeber brings forward.  Family can certainly take on many words as we all know that there is not one that is perfect.  However, it is the uniqueness that we offer and tolerate bridging the gap to love that is the lesson of oneness as the described above “Kula”.   No matter how we see each other and what we may believe best for each other, The LOVE ALWAYS EXISTS IN FAMILY.   It is tested time and time again.  When we let go of the idea of perfection and all the annoyances (which are just mirror effects to begin with anyway) we sometimes set the trap for ourselves and we breakthrough love.  We support each other the way we can and with that string of love is just one string that connects to another, weaving the ring of the family circle.  Over time, as we pull the veil down one layer at a time, the circle will continue to extend through trust, love and abolishment of humility and judgment.  We will just learn and overcome to love deeper and embrace more.

As I woke up to my new Joan of Arc haircut this am, I laughed bc I know my family and friends would find the same humor as I did.  Moving forward as I get to try on all kinds of styles, hats, wigs and let me tell you this is going to be fun.  It is the support of my family and friends that is making this fun, stomping out any suggestion of fear even if they need to do some stomping out too.


I love you all so much!


Many blessings in light!




  1. Pete and I went on a double date a few years ago with a co-worker of mine. She had never met Pete and didn’t know what he looked like. I wore this really old wig his mom used to wear (in the days where women wore wigs that made them look like they actually did their hair that day- before the advent of the ponytail apparently…). Anyways, it was pretty funny to see her look at me, bewildered and amused as she recognized my face. I’m a couple of inches short of 10 but I’d be happy to share my hair with you if you want to have a wig made! I’m a fan of the floral babushka look myself but whatever you think makes you look most glamorous…


  2. Thanks for telling us all about “kulas,” Holly. I didn’t know there was a name for it. I experienced that with my children’s Waldorf School and my own childhood involvement in Waldorf Education…And with acupuncture; between myself and my patients and myself and my collegues. My family of friends this life…And with my own biological family.

    I have another friend who is really digging the wig thing…After all, it’s just temporary, and it’s a little bit like an alter ego you get to explore. I know you will have fun with it. Let us know if you are in need of cool scarves/wraps for your head 🙂

    Sweet dreams,


  3. Please know that you’re light has touched so many people. Many years ago you introduced me to the beauty of yoga (remember Cory Everson?). Years pass and lives move on, yet when I heard of the mountain you must climb, I had to reconnect and let you know that I am sending love and light and healing thoughts. Thank you for sharing your journey.


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