Namaste – The Divine Oneness!

As each sun rises,  I become more amazed at this journey.   How it started and just after 2 short weeks where it stands today.  I am doing amazing.  Finished my first elixirs and all is going beautifully.  Each morning I get up and ride a stationary bike in my room for close to an hour, then I shower.  The rest of the day I am either emailing, visiting with nurses, causing some sort of hilarious dissertation which will soon follow, meeting with docs (they do like to do their probing), eating which I have become champion.  During all this time, I do quiet myself and journal. As I have been ever so amazing by this internal shift, I feel like there are so many aspects that I want to share.  Being a yoga teacher certainly offers the opportunity to do so through this blog.  I want this to take on whatever form it needs to serve, for me, for those I love, for others who just like the ideas and humor.  Many of you have emailed me asking how to join.  go to   then go to the bottom right and click follow.  I would love you to share any information you feel goes hand with the topic discussed or any experiences you may have to share to make stronger the conscious shift.  I would love this to take on a life of its own and share the journey of oneness not just over a health challenge, but to live to our full capacity as loving human beings that are forever connected.


Namaste – The Divine Oneness!

At the end of many yoga classes, teachers will seal each practice with the wildly popular “Namaste” which means “the light source in me bows to the light source in you.”  This represents the belief that there is a Divine being or source within each of us, and it is this divine source that we should solely reflect in each other.

Oneness is a concept that is very simple, but hard to put into practice.  When we look into the eyes of our friends, family, we often see a mirror of difference and it would be safe to say for many a great divide of judgment and sarcasm.   However, with this simple intention it draws you back to the basic truth that we all ALL ONE.  Created by the same divinity, no matter what form or rituals may follow that belief.  In seeing this oneness, it is rather normal that we would go in the complete opposite direction to see the differences first before we can understand and complete the full circle.  Our ego will have us believe, we KNOW how this person should live their life, what they do wrong, and set up by our standards, we have the answers to make it better.  This is brought forward by the great judgment of the ego, your individual “I” maker that sets you up just right.  Allowing just enough confidence with empathy to make you believe you are right, but then just one step away, within that reflection comes forgiveness. You see, we can only love and forgive, sharing in each person’s journey, setting down the torch of judgment, embracing the experience as a learning lesson of our own.   It is an intense cycle, discussed in detail in “a New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.  Understanding the ego is a challenge and may take a lifetime.  However, breaking through moments of sweetness to see the truth with a light that warms your entire soul and the connection to Gods guidance is proof you are on the right track. Then the moment may be gone, but all you need is that one breath because it is that breath that will wave you to the next light.

In coming full circle, Oneness may be described on certain days, such as 9/11, where we completely go beyond all form, race, ethnicity, and just LOVE.   We love beyond the special relationships, such as our mothers, fathers, family, and friends.  We just love because it is how we are guided to live.  Can you imagine a world where we see the same love for our mother as a stranger?   This is the love that breaks down the walls of hatred, judgment, and embraces universal love.    This is the love Jesus spoke of in biblical times. When we are willing to set free of our boundaries and just see the goodness in others as reflected in ourselves we will have =


I cannot say enough about how blessed I am to have all the love and support pouring in daily.  It has taught me that my own judgments are really just a weakness I see in myself.  Through oneness I am choosing to set aside my mirror of opinion and just be a part of each persons journey as you are being a part of mine.  Being the light I see in your reflection.  This strength comes when we build each other up in love and support, only allowing for this brilliant line to shine out!!


Much love and light!


Holly P






  1. Holly, thank you for giving so much of yourself in a time when we should be feeding you. You amaze me, and your healing from all the old pain, thoughts and ideas will last forever. You are an inspiration for me and everyone you touch. Healing love sent back to you. Namaste, Lynn


    1. Hey Lynn. Thanks for the sweet words. This is such a gift to see these truths that they are flowing through me effortlessly. Plus can you think back to a time when you had a full few weeks to just be??? Probably not. I call it hospital prison, but it is turning into a sanctuary for healing. Miss you and can’t wait to get together when I get out. keep sending the love!


  2. Holls,

    God has blessed you with a special gift. As I read your blog, I am so touched by your insight, positive aura & shinning spirit. Your words are soothing & calming to me. I have tears in my eyes, not because I am afraid for you but because you are such an inspiration to all, sick and well. You might feel like you are being touched by many hearts, but the truth is, you are the one who is pulling heart strings. I miss you & I am constantly carrying faith & love for you! Your spirit is lit like a beacon of hope for many.

    Love you always,



  3. Hey Holly! Thank you for this blog- Its good to read that you are doing so well. We were going to mail our card, but we thought it may be easier to send you in e-mail form.
    I’m at if you would like to e-mail me.

    Peace and blessings and LOVE!
    Alice (Kate is implied)


  4. Hey! I like that you’ve shifted your perspective about your time in “prison” to a “sanctuary.” I was thinking about your earlier today and envying the time you have to study, pray, and as you said, “just be!” I am glad you’re using your time to strengthen and understand your spirituality. 🙂

    I have been thinking a lot about this “oneness” idea myself, although I had not called it that. My term for it is humility. It has stemmed from a lot of coincidences I have noticed lately and all of them revolve around a positive shift in perspective. For example, experiencing a physical challenge can tempt one to become very self-centered, which can prevent seeing, knowing and understanding the greater Good. However, with PRAYER, this internal focus shifts to an external one, and suddenly, the huge problem seems not so insurmountable. In my mind’s eye, I visualize myself seeming to be the center of existence during a challenge and then becoming smaller and falling into place. Another way to describe it is to shift from feeling like I have to fix something to understanding that I am naturally guided when I back down and let God do the leading. Dropping the ego and picking up the breadcrumbs.

    NATURE is another avenue to knowing humility. In the book I’m reading about children in nature, a 10-year study was done with patients who were in recovery from something like gall bladder removal (or something on that level). The patients were divided into two groups: half were in rooms that faced a beautiful field with a lake and forest in the distance. The other half were in rooms with no significant view other than a cinder block wall. Surprise, surprise, the nature viewers recovered significantly more quickly. Why? The author talks of the healing power of nature. I believe that nature allows is to keep ourselves in check so we remember that we are part of a larger picture. It allows us to see down the path- and we don’t get caught up by the biting monkeys or the fierce dragons (I am still telling people about that book).

    FRIENDSHIP is a third concept that supports this idea of humility and oneness. Staying at home with the kids can be isolating. However, I have really made an effort to stay connected with other moms- preferably those with similar parenting approaches and positive outlooks. (One of the many reasons I miss you!) This sense of belonging always lifts me up and brings me out of any pity parties I may attending.

    Negative thinking is selfish and the best way I know to get out of that realm is to humbly look bigger; to know that God, nature, Love- whatever you want to call it is bigger than me or any challenges I might face. There is a rhythm and flow to existence and it doesn’t have to be an inward-facing struggle. Looking out- shifting your perspective only seems difficult until you have done it again and again. It becomes the default after it becomes habitual.

    I had a beautiful moment yesterday as I was driving in the car. Directly ahead of me in the distance was a mass of dark gray rain clouds. To my left was a deep midnight dark blue cloud formation with streams of blue-gray touching the horizon showing distant rainfall. To the rear and to the right, were two more storm systems both with ribbons and swirls of gray and white clouds that promised imminent rain. However, I had to pull my car sun visor down to block the intense beams of sunshine that radiated all around us. I looked directly up to see bright blue sky and puffy white clouds overhead. It’s all about perspective. The sun is shining. Are you seeing it?

    Love always!


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