Its a loveolution

It has been a week of shocking news and a great opportunity to put into motion all of my truths in life.  On Thursday of last week I was told that I have Leukemia.  Tad and I have decided to change the name to lovealution to make it seem much more loving and less fearful.  Truly I get to decide what I will give power to.  We have been designed to fear cancer instead of looking at it as an opportunity to see the amazing work that our physical vessel is capable.  My spirit is divinely perfect as it is created and made in the image and likeness of God, therefore I am well, whole, and complete.  I need you all to hold that thought for me as well.

I will be going to start chemo tomorrow and love my way through this journey.  I have decided that fighting is just not my style but loving my way through is a much better way to embrace this gift.  “With any disease, it will linger and recur when its nurtured by apprehension, until embraced as a great teacher and gift.”  Already in three days the internal shift that I have felt it beyond words.  The amount of love that I feel it doesn’t translate to anything I have ever known.  I have moments of fear, but those moments are the moments that I attach to false outcomes.  I can easily see my ego trying to keep me separate from my GOD.  However, with that being said I have taken the time to be scared, grieve, and make peace with this so I can move forward.  Looking into the eye of the tiger was a very scary moment.  That moment proved to go so far beyond fear that it brought me back to truth.  I have decided this is going to be the most amazing experience of my life.  I will align and apply all of my spiritual tools and beliefs to this point in life.  I get to do this all in a short time.
During this time I have been so thankful for the outpouring of love and support.  You are never bothering me…you have no idea how good it feels to read strong words of encouragement and love.  I have a couple of requests.  First I ask that you take your moment of fear/sadness face that and then embrace the beauty in this.  I ask that you envision once a day (or more 🙂 me telling you how easy this is and how I am already free of the lovealution)  Envision the trillions of cells in my body working together in light and love.  Envision me telling you I AM WELL!!  Secondly any prayers or prayer chains to help keep the loving energy coming my way would be such an appreciation…I feel all the love I am welcoming already.
I started treatment under the care of Dana Farber on Monday, however, I am in patient at Brigham and Womans for a month of treatment.  My naturopathic friends have assured that this particular lovealution is actually treated very successfully with chemo. After this first part I will begin my healing and cleaning up my body.  At this point and time I have no symptoms, it was by the grace of God that I just went to get a blood test to check my blood out.  Even so all my blood work was completely normal so the Angel in the pathlab just happened to see something he thought needed more testing.  This will be a journey of realization and awakening.  I will post every day and would love all your support and feedback during this journey in my life.
Many blessings,


  1. Well well Holly-The Brigham brings back lot’s of memories-We did have lots of fun didn’t we. Well the good news is that you have some good friends there. I certainly hope you called down and let John F. know your there-he owes you big time!!!! And I also recommend that you “haunt” Goldhaber-haha. I miss you!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers always!!!!
    Is Jay Bradner your doctor? Please say hello for me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you or your family.


  2. Holly,
    I am sending warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Your words are beautiful, embracing and full of love. Stay strong!


  3. Dearest Holly. There are so many things I want to say to you & I will, 1 at a time, every now & then. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1988 (my youngest was just 5 years old), I decided to take control of what I could & leave the rest to God. I read a book titled, “Love, Medicine, and, Miracles” by Dr. Bernie Siegel. I strongly recommend you get a copy & read it. You already are lightyears ahead of where I was. & You are now in my prayers & will be at least once a day & more. Lots & lots of love to you & your family. “Mrs. Murphy”….now just Linda.


  4. Holly,

    This is long lost Michelle Jodoin-Belvery. You have truly changed this journey that most struggle with. On another note, I was delighted to hear you are being treated at Brigham and Women’s because my mother Cindy Jodoin is a nurse manager for hematology/ oncology at The Brigham. She is not a facebook user but I did mention you were there. If you recall she was one of your caregivers when you got knee surgery back in the day. Ha Ha So maybe you will get to bump into each other. Of course, you both look exactly the same!! AMAZING OF COURSE! Anyway, you are definitely in our thoughts and prayers!!!

    Lots of Love your way,



    1. Hey Michelle,

      OMG I have to tell you that another nurse just spoke of your mom the other day. I know it has been forever, but it would be so great to see her. And you of course…you work out at BWH too? Your family is so amazing and I can only imagine the love and fun as knowing you from the past. Let me know if you are going to be out this way. I am on floor 4C rm 52 508 789 7718

      How are things going for you??


  5. Holly ~ I think of you every day. I’m glad you’re closer to home & getting the best of care. When you can start having visitors, I will be there. As I always say you are one very special, amazing woman! God Bless, lots of love & prayers! XO


    1. Maxi

      I think of you all the time love! We have to make plans to get together when I swing the joint. Let me know your thoughts. WE are living with my parents in Dudley…animals and all!! 🙂

      Love ya


  6. Holly,

    Amy Fields informed me of the new path you are embarking on in life. You are already in my prayers and I will keep up with your blog to see the daily progress that you are making. I was impressed and inspired bu your post. I know that thee great class of 1994 and the ‘advisor’ will be here for you as you get healthier with each day!! With love and prayers!

    Cheryl Hetherman


    1. Hi Cheryl

      I am not sure if you got my reply so I figured I would just try again! It is so nice to hear from you. It has been a crazy few weeks as you can imagine. We were living out in Chicago and now just three short weeks later we are in Boston. Tad got a job at UNFI in Providence so we were planning to move back either way, this just has stepped up the process making for a little more CRAZY! It has been so nice to get all the support from those at Oxford and I look forward to a reunion of sorts maybe this winter. How are you doing?


  7. So glad you started this blog, Holly. We are here for you to support you on this journey, one day at a time! Your attitude about this is so humbling. It is so easy for us to “talk big,” about how we’d handle this or that thing that might crop up unexpectedly in our lives, but when it comes time to actually walk that talk — often we can’t. But YOU can and YOU are! You are going to teach everyone in your path so much about how one actually can go about this! You already are, dear Holly!

    You are several days into treatment now, and I know the Staff is probably already so blown away by your strength and amazing grace! Keep up the good work and know your Loveolution Army is praying for you every day! 🙂



  8. It is so good to hear you so strong willed. That is what I remember you with sports. You were the one no matter how hurt or how much pain you were in you pushed harder than anyone I have ever seen. We are all here for the amazing person that you are and will be.


  9. Holly,

    Your strength, love, and light shine brightly on all who know and love you. We will channel all that energy and shine it back on you to help you through this lovealution journey. The Fields family is keeping you in our prayers and is sending you lots of love!



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